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“One of our core values here at Vasayo is loyalty, and we believe it should and must be rewarded.”—Daniel S. Picou, Vasayo Founder & CEO

The Smart Ship Loyalty Program delivers incremental product credits, every three months, to Brand Partners who maintain monthly Smart Ship orders. Use your product credits at checkout (in your Back Office) to pay for future product purchases.

  • The more consecutive months you’re on Smart Ship, the more product credits you earn.
  • Once you earn the highest rewards available (25% after 12 consecutive months), you keep earning a 25% product credit, every three months, for every additional & consecutive three-month period you remain on Smart Ship!

(Example above is based on a monthly Smart Ship order of 80 CV. Rewards you can earn are unlimited based on actual CV accumulated and dollars spent.)

Enjoy your favorite Vasayo products month after month and get rewarded for it in abundance!

Additional Program Details
  • Program start date is January 1, 2022.
  • Program is for Brand Partner participation only. Customers may not participate.
  • Product credits will be added to your account the second Friday after the commission period closes.
  • Smart Ship order must be at least 80 CV to be eligible for participation in this program.
  • Product credits may be applied to Back Office orders only, not to future Smart Ship orders.
  • Product credits are non-refundable and not Commissionable.
  • Returned Smart Ship orders will not earn product credits.