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Leadership is recognized and rewarded in Vasayo wherever we find it and reaching the rank of Blue Sapphire is a sparkling checkpoint on your road to leadership. The Build to Blue Promo is our way of thanking you for your hard work and dedication with an all-expenses-paid trip to Park City, Utah

Qualification Dates
April 19–October 17, 2022

Trip Dates
December 2022

Newpark Resort
Park City, Utah

What You’ll Do on Your Build to Blue Trip
This three-day getaway gives you the opportunity to sample the area’s top activities as well as receive one-on-one interaction with the Founders, personal recognition and training from Vasayo’s Executive Team, and an exclusive view behind the scenes at Vasayo corporate.

Congratulations, Qualifiers!

* $1,000 cash bonus will be paid upon arrival in Park City, Utah, in December 2022. If you have an active partner as part of your Brand Partnership, they are welcome to attend; others/significant others not actively working the business are not included as part of the promo prize package.

** If you advance to Blue Sapphire during the promo dates and advance again even higher before the promo ends, you still receive the Build to Blue cash bonus and trip to Park City. If you were already a Blue Sapphire when the promotion started on April 19, 2022, you may still be eligible for the Build to Blue prize package by rank advancing to Emerald (or above) by October 17, 2022.