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Epic Rewards Trip 2022

Qualification Period
Nov. 30, 2021–Oct. 3, 2022
Trip Dates
Nov. 7–10, 2022

Epic enrolling calls for epic rewards. That’s the idea behind our annual Epic Rewards Trip, and in 2022 trip qualifiers are headed to the Riviera Maya just outside of Cancun, Mexico!

Here’s how to qualify:

Option 1: Enrollments
  1. Personally sponsor at least 22 total new Brand Partners.
    • Enrollees must make a minimum 80 CV purchase at time of enrollment.
    • Must be U.S. and Canada enrollees only. Enrollments in Asia-Pacific markets do not count toward this promo.
  2. Generate 22,000 in new total PET-V from these new enrollees (20,000-max. from a single Leg).
Option 2: Star Makers
  1. Create five (5) first-time Stars during the qualification period.
    • Must be personally enrolled Brand Partners.
    • Must be newly enrolled or existing Brand Partners who have never personally enrolled another Brand Partner.
    • A personally enrolled Brand Partner who becomes a first-time Star during the qualification period cannot be counted again toward your five (5) if they become a repeat Star during the qualification period.
  2. Generate 22,000 in new total PET-V during the qualification period. This volume can come from your Stars as well as from new enrollments.
Option 3: Retail Volume
    1. Generate 22,000 in new retail CV from your personally sponsored customers.
  •  Applies to existing Customers and Customers who enroll during the qualification period.
  • Customers must each make a minimum 20 retail CV purchase during the qualification period.
  • NOTE: If a Customer upgrades to Brand Partner status, their CV will count toward Option 1 (see above) requirements instead.
Cash Bonuses:
  • The first 5 Brand Partners to qualify earn a $1,000 cash bonus.
  • After the first 5 qualify, all Brand Partners who qualify by September 5, 2022, earn a $500 cash bonus.

Additional Requirements:
To earn the Epic Rewards Trip, all qualifying Brand Partners must be registered for the January 2023 Vasayo Convention as well as remain Active throughout the qualification period and remain Active after qualifying for the trip through November 10, 2022.

The Prize Package:

  • 4-Day, 3-Night Trip for Two (2) People
  • Airfare, Hotel, Entertainment…all on Vasayo!
An Epic Rewards Trip awaits at the Riviera Maya! Will we see you there?

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