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System Maintenance June 28th @ 10pm ET

Our engineering team is scheduled to perform routine maintenance and upgrades on cloud hardware systems beginning Thursday June 28th at 10pm ET.

What should your customers/subscribers expect?
There should not be any noticeable impact to your customers/subscribers as links in emails should continue as normal. This day of week and time of day is historically a very low traffic time. If any downtime is experienced it should not be more than a few minutes, but our team plans on there being no noticeable impact.

What impact should it have on you and your operations inside of Streampage?
There should be no measurable impact on your team or your ability to interact with the software or your data. The system may run a little slower than usual for a brief period of time, but outside of this all things should continue to function as normal.

How long should the maintenance take?
It is anticipated that, and we are planning for, the upgrade and maintenance process to take approximately 1 hour.

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