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Beginning June 1, 2021, Vasayo launches our new “Double My PIB” Promo!

Here’s how it works:
  1. When a new enrollee places a first order of at least 1,000 CV (either through a Pack or as the sum of individual products), then
  2. For the NEXT FULL 4 commission weeks after enrollment: He/she receives double the Product Introduction Bonus (PIB) on each new Brand Partner he/she personally enrolls who purchases an Enrollment Pack of at least 160 CV* (leg placement of new enrollees does not matter).

Example: Mary enrolled on Wednesday, June 2 (commission week 149), with a first order of 1,000 CV. She will receive double PIB until July 5 (commission week 153), on any new Brand Partner she personally enrolls on an Enrollment Pack of 160 CV or more. 

* Double PIB is paid on Enrollment Packs only, not the sum of individual products. Promo available in the U.S. and Canada only.

**Double PIB will be only paid on order up to 1000CV