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What is a Telomere?
Telomeres are like the plastic ends of your shoelaces. With the protective covering intact, shoes are easy to tie. If the protective covering breaks apart, so do your shoelaces until they are unable to be tied. In the same way, telomeres protectively cap the ends of your DNA strands. Telomeres protect our cells so they can work properly.

This is what happens when telomeres shorten.
Our cells are continuously duplicating themselves, and each time this happens our telomeres get shorter. Telomeres shorten with age and the rate of shortening may be decreased through our nutrition and lifestyle habits. The rate at which your telomeres are shortening is directly related to the rate at which your body is aging and deteriorating.

This is how Premere supports telomeres.
Some cells within the body naturally express the telomerase gene, an enzyme that extends telomeres by adding nucleotides to strands of telomere DNA. In other words, telomeres can be lengthened by telomerase. Premere stimulates the expression of the telomerase gene, and telomerase supports overall telomere health.*

Enjoy Premere with food or on a full stomach.

Features & Benefits*
  • Supports Youthful Vitality & Vigor
  • Supports Physical Endurance & Quality of Life
  • Promotes Brain Health
  • Supports Skin, Eye, Liver, Heart, & Kidney Health
  • Helps Maintain Overall Health & Wellbeing

Premere & Advanced Delivery Technology
From the peaks of the Himalayas and Andes mountains in India, Nepal, and Peru to the lush Amazon rainforests in South America, all the way to the European habitats of flowering plant species in France, Italy, and Hungary, we sourced Premere’s ingredients from tens of thousands of highly researched plants and botanicals hailing from 15 countries around the world. Extracting the rarest and most potent phytochemicals from these climates, Premere represents a complex proprietary formulation that, when combined, creates synergistic support for overall health. Add Advanced Liposomal Delivery Technology to the mix, and it’s not hard to see why we call it Premere—premium telomere support!

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