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The Vasayo M3 Movement is launching the 60-Day Mission Possible to help you achieve your healthy lifestyle goals. This ongoing program is easy to follow regardless of current nutrition and fitness level and is led by Kevin & Emily Wilson, Vasayo M3 Movement Coaches, who have over two-and-a-half-decades’ experience in the fitness and nutrition industry.

The 60-Day Mission Possible is open to Brand Partners, Customers, and anyone else who has healthy lifestyle goals to achieve! 

Brand Partners may sign up themselves and others through their replicated websites. All others may sign up by visiting m3missionpossible.com.

Step 1   Set your goal (choose from 4 categories):
  • Stronger & Fitter (Lose 5–20-lbs. & body sculpt)
  • Weight Loss (20-lbs. or more)
  • Add Lean Muscle Mass (Add 5–20-lbs. of lean muscle)
  • Age Gracefully (Maintain weight; improve physical & emotional health)
Step 2   Get the Vasayo Pack that corresponds with your goal:
  • Stronger & Fitter Nutritional Intro Pack 1: 2 V-Shake, Core Complete, V-Tox
  • Weight Loss M3 Movement Pack 1: 4 V-Shake, Core Complete, V-Tox
  • Add Lean Muscle Mass M3 Movement Pack 2: 2 V-Shake, Core Complete, V3
  • Age Gracefully M3 Movement Pack 3: 2 V-Shake, Core Complete, Eternal
Step 3   Accept your M3 60-Day Mission Possible plan provided by M3 coaches!

  • Do your 60-day mission anytime throughout 2021.
  • Participants will be eligible for prizes.
  • Grand Prize winners will be announced at January 2022 Convention.