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Good afternoon!

I've spent the last several days having heart to heart conversations with local business owners, and while all of us have been adversely affected, we know some of you are really struggling right now.  Although this is an anxious time for many of us who are trying to figure out how to handle this current situation, we are so fortunate to have leaders who are willing to step up and help. 

BBB has partnered with 5 local Business Coaches who have agreed to provide some free coaching /brainstorming/strategic planning sessions to assist our businesses who are struggling through this crisis.

I am so grateful for these gentlemen who have offered to give their time to help out during these difficult times. 

So, if your business is struggling, or if you need some direction, motivation or a pep talk,  please fill out the form below. (Meetings will be conducted via video conference or over the phone.)

Remember, these wonderful coaches also have businesses to run, so please consider them also for workshops, strategic planning sessions, issue processing sessions, and keynote speakers for your teams and for upcoming events. If you're interested, please fill out the interest form at the bottom of the page.

Hang in there, Everyone. We can do this.

Yours in Trust, 


Coach Bios: 

Kim Beckham
Kim is a speaker, leader, coach, and lifelong learner who has been leading people to success for over 40 years.  He is a published author and is currently working on his third book due to be published in 2019.  Kim has a passion for the development of leaders and has a thriving coaching, and leadership training business as a John Maxwell certified coach.  He also is a sought-after speaker at corporate events.  He is entering the third year of offering a leadership training class called What I Know Works.  The class has grown to over twenty-five paying participants in its third year due the phenomenal results people were seeing in their professional and private lives.  Kim has been happily married to Barbara Beckham for 46 years and they have two lovely daughters Jessica and Amanda, two fine son-in-laws, and four above average grandchildren.  Kim will make you think, help you dream, and teach you to believe in yourself.

Brian Brandt
Brian tells stories that engage the audience, connect them with lifetime applications for years to come, and make a positive impact. These stories arose out of years of leadership experience as an accomplished college tennis coach, CEO of one of the nation’s largest camp and conference centers, national sales director, executive pastor, and now CEO of Core Insights. Leading one of the country’s foremost training and strategic planning companies, he helps shape some of the largest and fastest growing companies in the world, as well as non-profits that are producing profound outcomes.

John Grubbs
John is rapidly becoming one of world's foremost experts on generational change in the workplace. His ability to deliver relevant, high-quality information in a fun and entertaining way has earned him many keynote speaking opportunities with national associations and Fortune 50 companies. His ability to analyze and predict trends for talent attraction and retention has earned him audiences in the petrochemical industry, healthcare, manufacturing, education, government, and non-profit sectors.

His information is both provocative and engaging. His speeches can be an emotional roller-coaster with the audience laughing one minute and holding back tears the next. Energy and passion are the two most common words used to describe John Grubbs as a speaker and trainer.

Upon completing undergraduate degrees in both safety and engineering, he earned a Master of Business Administration with a focus on organizational leadership. He has over 20 years of leadership experience including hands-on management experience, executive coaching, training, and consulting. As a best-selling author, his most recent works include: Leadership Among Idiots - 2009, Surviving the Talent Exodus - 2011, and Leading the Lazy - 2015. He has published other books and numerous magazine articles.  John also serves as the Chairman of a Vistage CEO Board in Texas.

Keith Roberts
Keith is a small business strategy expert, Master Business Coach, and Professional Life Coach.  He is a graduate of Stephen F. Austin State University and has 4 decades as a successful entrepreneur, technology industry leader, consultant, educator, author, speaker, and systems expert.  These experiences provide vast resources to draw upon to help clients overcome their self-imposed boundaries and accomplish more in business and life.

Keith has served on the Board of Directors for the Better Business Bureau and has also served as an Ambassador.  He is an active member of the East Texas Business Community. He is also a deacon at First Baptist Church of Bullard.

Keith has been married to his wife, Debbie, for 43 years and has three children and five grandchildren. His personal passions are his Christian faith, fishing, camping, gardening, woodworking, and personal development.

Throughout Keith’s personal and professional life, he has experienced and overcame many of the challenges facing a business owner. Through these experiences, he has learned how to succeed. Because of this, he has acquired the attitude, “failure is not an option.”

Keith emphasis is helping clients develop the right strategies that support the entrepreneur’s long-term objectives.  He guides his clients to uncover their true potential and experience new ways to be more successful, productive, purposeful, and achieve balance in their life and career.

Randy Stevenson
Randy has always had a passion for business, beginning his entrepreneurial career by opening his first business, a drive-in restaurant, as a college student. Having owned and operated six businesses in various industries throughout his 40+ year career, Randy understands the pressures and challenges CEOs and entrepreneurs face. He further understands the complexity of aligning business careers with the Christian calling. His book, “Called to Business: Pursuing Economic Success with Spiritual Purpose”, addresses that very issue.

As a business consultant and coach, Randy assists CEOs and entrepreneurs in their pursuit of excellence and growth, both personally and business-wise. Through creative problem solving and strategic planning, his CEO clients are able to identify and access methods, tools, and counsel that will enable them to become better business and spiritual leaders within their sphere of influence.

As a Convene Chair in Tyler, Texas, Randy engages business owners and CEOs in an executive team environment to profitably grow their businesses and increase their leadership impact using peer-to-peer collaboration and one-to-one coaching.

Randy feels blessed to be married to Shannon, and a father to two adult children who are serving the Lord. He has served on various church committees, as an elder, and as a teacher. He has also served on several non-profit boards as well as the Texas State Board of Education. Randy is a lifetime learner, recently completing his PhD in organizational development and change at the University of Texas at Tyler, Soules School of Business.

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